San Mateo, sea glass galore!

by Heidi Obermeyer

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While in Cali in April (eek, I need to hustle and get caught up on these posts!) we visited a friend of my Mom’s in San Mateo, just south of San Fran. We spent a good chunk of the day on various beaches, peering into tide pools and combing through sand for tiny chunks of sea glass. The weather was glorious, the beaches were mostly empty, and the wonderful feeling of doing not much of anything in a big group led to a day that was, overall, quite jovial. We saw a huge flock of pelicans swoop by at the beginning of the day, and even spotted some whales before we headed home for dinner.

I take lots of pictures of these beachy flowers called iceburg plants. I love how colorful they are, especially in big bunches all along the sand. By the end of the day, the whole crew was pretty well tuckered out. There is nothing quite like beach tired, and I like how it feels like you just got a little bit too much sun. I hope your Wednesday is great and soon to come- Yosemite pictures! Get excited.