Yosemite Part II: A charming stay at the Wawona Hotel

by Heidi Obermeyer

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I don’t know about you guys, but I am totally in to the old school glamor-camping/lodge-staying thing. I’m thinking of that crazy summer camp in Dirty Dancing, or even something maybe a little reminiscent of that awesome summer camp in the Lindsey Lohan version of the parent trap (although I have to say, I would also be fine with the London cruising in a classy old car to “There She Goes” or living at a California winery. I’m very flexible.) The Wawona Hotel is where all those dreams come true!

I have to recommend this place for a couple reasons. Before I get into those, you should know that visiting Yosemite is a whole different ball game than other National Parks because everyone is usually concentrated in one relatively small space, the valley, and it makes staying there a huge hassle unless you’re planning on backpacking out into the wilderness to sleep. The Wawona is awesome because it’s still run by the park (similar to its more expensive/luxurious cousin in the Valley, the Ahwahnee Hotel) and actually affordable. It also gets you away from the loud crowds in the valley- it’s the only hotel in the area (near the South Entrance to the park) and is very peaceful. I wish we had stayed longer so I could have spent a few afternoons lounging in those charming white lawn chairs, but alas, Yosemite’s more natural grandeur called bright and early after our 1-night stay.

I think this would be such a fun place to stay with kids or a huge family- there are a couple cottages that you can rent if you have enough people, which I think would be awesome. They also have a ton of board games and books to keep you occupied, AND there’s no wifi in the actual rooms, only in one particular lounge which turned out to be GREAT.

Have a wonderful weekend guys!