Tartine Bakery and Cafe in San Francisco

by Heidi Obermeyer

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Tartine is this awesome, hyped-up-for-a-reason bakery in the Mission, very close to Dolores Park. Laura and I went in one morning for breakfast and ended up getting a ton of different pastries- we couldn’t just get two! Although breakfast was a little pricey for my taste- almost $25 for two people’s pastries and coffee- it was obvious that all the baked goods we had were made with some seriously high-quality ingredients. I particularly liked the lemon tart that Laura got- we barely finished it between the two of us, it was so rich! There’s nothing better than a good pastry, a good coffee, and sitting outside. 🙂

If you go….

Tartine Bakery and Cafe
600 Guerrero Street San Francisco, CA 94110