by Heidi Obermeyer

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I have a lot of friends from the midwest. That whole part of the country- the flyover states, hometown USA, whatever you want to call it- isn’t just a region. It’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle I enjoy relentlessly (and lovingly, don’t worry midwesterners!) mocking in a terrible Minnesota accent when given the opportunity. Chicago plays a big role in the whole midwestern psyche (you love it, you hate it, and either way there’s some point where you resent it) and this was my first time in the windy city.

Andrew is working in Chi-town right now, so we had a delightful tour guide for the day. We walked all over town, saw lots of cool architecture, went to the Art Institute, and went up the John Hancock building. I enjoyed all of it! The great lakes are strange- I have never been a lake person, so to see an entire city based on the edge of a giant one was unique to say the least. I was surprised by all the beautiful old buildings- it’s interesting to see a city that is in between the “new” towns of the true west (like Denver) and the much older colonial stuff scattered along the east coast.

We also ate deep dish pizza for dinner- it was my first experience with it, and I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was different than I expected. And took a long time to bake- almost an hour! I am going to diplomatically say I enjoyed it, but it is unlike regular thin crust pizza, and the difference is great enough that I would consider deep dish to be a separate food entirely.

Up next- the bean and Millennium Park.