The Bean in Millenium Park.

by Heidi Obermeyer

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A long time ago now, I had a friend who wrote songs, and one of his songs was about the bean in Millennium Park. It was such a pretty song, and, as it turns out, Millennium Park is such a pretty place. It’s funny how you see pictures of things that don’t tell you the whole story- a photo of the bean doesn’t show you how it suddenly emerges when you walk up, and how dynamic of a sculpture it is. We spent a solid 20 minutes marveling at the thing from every angle, enjoying not only the bright Chicago sunshine but each other’s company as well. I will definitely return next time I’m in Chicago.

Today I am working on packing up for a big move- to Washington, DC! I’m really excited for what the District might hold, but not looking forward to the oppressive humidity as much. For now, I’m back to collecting all my suits and printing off copies of my resume. Until next time! 🙂