Scenes from Summer in the Centennial State

by Heidi Obermeyer

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Blog readers! I am back from an extended hiatus. I’ve fallen off the blog wagon for the last few weeks, and life’s been busy. That’s a good thing, but I find myself missing the artistic liberties taken in telling stories and taking photographs of fun things. I think a lot in abstract, organizational terms now at work, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes you need to talk about something more casual and fun. Like this summer, and all the lovely things that came to pass throughout it.

All of these photos are from Colorado, which is appropriate given that I was there until mid-July. I wanted to record the numerous small ways that life is good- an ice cream sandwich from Sweet Cow near my old apartment, making a key lime pie for a party with friends, the surprising viability of my succulents as they sat in a window. Kaya, my brother’s dog, is one of my favorite animals I’ve ever known- when I was home last weekend she could hardly stand the excitement of my return, which is always a nice feeling.

I also spent some time enjoying the mountains, first up Poudre Canyon near Fort Collins with my brother off-roading (which was more fun than I thought it would be!) and then in Aspen, where afternoon thunderstorms brought epic rainbows and a green sheen to the mountainsides. The mountains are so indescribably lovely in the summer- I think that is where I feel most at peace, particularly when it is so temperate and flowery compared to the relentless sunshine of the plains. I didn’t used to be bothered by heat as much, but after a few very cool summers in Germany- you really do need a jacket in the evenings throughout July and August- I’m less tolerant of the endless sun and the copious amounts of sunscreen that go with it.

My final days in Colorado were spent (as they now usually are) in a whirlwind of seeing friends and packing up and preparing for the next journey. I had a wonderful last supper (ha!) with everyone at the West End Tavern in Boulder sitting on the patio, enjoying the weather and the view of the flatirons. We wrapped up the night at Bitter Bar (which I have to say has sort of lost its charm in the last few months-  not sure when I will be back there) and went our separate ways. Colorado is good to me, and that makes me happy.

I still have tons of backlogged stories and photos to post- an entire trip to Germany, some from DC, and a few recipes that haven’t quite made it onto the blog yet. I hope to get those up in the next few weeks, and that things will get into more of a routine- blog-wise and life-wise- around here. I hope you all are well and that it’s a wonderful weekend xx