A few good words.

by Heidi Obermeyer

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Katelyn found a job people; she’s moving to Pittsburgh! It’s going to be awesome. Before she left DC, she brought up some typewriter-written quotes I had put up all over my apartment in Chapel Hill a few years ago and how much she liked them. They were so great to have around! To replicate them for her new home, I made up a whole sheet of some of my favorites for her to take with her for the big move. We’re going to miss her here, but life will go on, and she’ll be back before we know it 🙂

This weekend was so pleasant- we hosted a visitor all the way from Germany (yay!) in the new house, had a wonderful Sunday dinner, and great weather (minus a rainy walk to to the Capitol for a tour on Saturday morning). The dinners are a new tradition- somebody makes dinner for everyone on Sunday night, and you can bring whoever you want to join in the merriment. We split the costs, and good food, conversation and fun are had by all to start off the new week. I made green curry last week, and this past weekend Bridget cooked up some chicken parm for the group. Yum!

Other than that, not much new stuff to report- autumn is creeping in, and the chilled evenings sure are a pleasant addition to life in DC.