My First Motorcade, or “The President is coming and you all need to move.”

by Heidi Obermeyer

This post title sounds like a very weird type of Fischer Price toy that you can only buy in DC. But on a very serious DC newbie note- I saw my first motorcade last Friday! And the interruption in my day was everything I could have hoped it would be. Motorcades in DC are well-hated upon for disrupting traffic like nobody’s business, and if you need to take the bus to get somewhere and get stuck anywhere near one of these things you are probably screwed.

I came out of work on Friday evening and was waiting to cross the street when a police car came speeding up next to the crosswalk. From that car emerged an officer who was hell-bent on getting everyone off the street and clearing traffic, and clear traffic he did! He utilized screaming, wild gesticulations, and a very brisk pace as he ran around among the cars trying to get people to move. It was only when he had finally gotten all of the vehicles to pull off of the street that I noticed he was halfway through a huge cigar that he had been holding the entire time he was yelling at cars. Too funny!

I proceed to cross a few more streets before everyone was really on lockdown with the hope that I would still be able to make a speedy exit into the metro once the assembly made its way past. I eventually wasn’t allowed to cross any further, found myself a good vantage point, and proceeded to take the above video of the president making his way to somewhere, which you have to admit is pretty cool. At least for now- if I get sick of seeing this then I’ll be halfway to being a jaded DC resident already! 🙂