Life Lately [October]

by Heidi Obermeyer

Hey team. How’s your day going? I’ve been starting a lot of emails with “Hey team” lately. I think it conveys just the right amount of camaraderie and casual attitude while still being grammatically correct enough for work. Work is basically this all day: Email email email! Meeting! Email email email! Lunch! Email email! Meeting! Meeting! Email email email! It’s gotten busy, which is good. Being not busy is THE WORST.
sept141Speaking of work, did I tell you we went apple picking a few weekends ago? It was fun, but also still around 80 degrees out. I can’t say that picking fruit is nearly as fun when the minimal amount of physical exertion required to pick the number of apples you will realistically eat makes you kind of sweaty and really thirsty. Anyway, pumpkins were picked, apples were plucked from the branches of rows and rows and rows of trees, and I also bought some mums to put on our front steps. Basically our house looks SO festive now. If you walked by, you would at MINIMUM¬†consider instagramming it. I mean, once I move the chairs that we picked up off the street out of the front yard. They looks so great [aka they looked really free] and good to have as backup outdoor seating [again… free] but once we got them home we realized that they had shed this weird green tinge from the paint all over our hands while carrying them. Sorry chairs, I think you’re headed to the great outdoor seating area in the sky.
sept143Since I had picked up a few pumpkins while out apple picking I artfully arranged them on our front step alongside the mums. Things were all fine and dandy until I came out one morning to find that SOMEONE thought it would be fun to gnaw away at the pumpkin I agonized over picking for MINUTES at the pumpkin patch. The nerve of the neighborhood squirrels, I tell you!
sept145I started half-assedly running again, too guys. I usually run a loop around the Capitol- it’s fascinating enough to distract me mentally and, as I learned a few days ago, is a magnificent place to look out over the city at sunset. sept146
Susanna came to visit this weekend, and we did A LOT. More to come soon- for now, have a wonderful Monday evening. xx