Food for the soul in Shenandoah.

by Heidi Obermeyer

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Let’s just all take a second and take a deep breath.

Does anyone else feel like they need that today? No, seriously. Drop your bag right there on the floor, take off your work shoes, go wash your face, and just breathe.


Sometimes, living in the city, and walking through the streets, and rooting around in its mysteries and work and speed, I get overwhelmed by all the urgency.

“Now wait just a second!” I want to shout, right as I get squished into the metro car during my morning commute.

“Hold your horses!” I would mutter under my breath, as I write email after email after email after email to people whose names all blur together.

“Everyone just calm down!” I wish I could exclaim while I wait in line at the grocery store on a Sunday evening.

Usually I don’t say anything. I just move a little faster myself.


Even though DC isn’t a very big city, I do miss the outdoors something fierce sometimes. I think there are a lot of people here who do.

Sometimes you just need to go sit on a rock and poke around in some dirt and walk around on a hill where nobody has ever poured a concrete slab and hopefully nobody ever will.

Somewhere where the metro doesn’t run. You know that place?


How long has it been since you thought about milkweed? It’s funny how some things are distinctly from your childhood. Milkweed is one of those for me. I felt a little guilty every time I carefully peeled apart a pod and let the fluffy, soft seeds drift on the wind, further propagating a weed.

At least a monarch might eat it, someday. Right?


In Shenandoah last weekend you could see that Fall is here. Fall, in fact, is nearly over. On the tip tops of the hills all the leaves were gone, and the wind whips through the trees with nothing to block it now. I probably already told you, but I usually hate Fall. I find it depressing. In general I’m not into endings, and Fall feels like everything in nature is ending.

It was sunny and beautiful out, though. The sun sure feels good when you get to sit in it for a while. And I like the yellows. The yellows of Fall are the one part I like.


Not much more to say. Just a pretty sunset, and a deep breath today.