Fall in DC- so fresh, so fine.

by Heidi Obermeyer

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Good thing I finally got around to putting up this post as the temperature dropped to 30 degrees, eh friends?! Excuse my seasonal lateness here, but I figured I needed to get leaf pics out there before Thanksgiving or else I’d have to wait until next year to show you everything!

Walking around in DC in the Fall is THE BEST. As professed in my previous post, I usually hate fall, but I am down with Fall, at least a little bit, in this grand old city. One thing that makes me sad is that lots of people are not into DC. I just think everyone should come visit and I will change hearts and minds. I will feed them good food, I will take them to bike the monuments at night, we will drink coffee at Union Market, and minds will be BLOWN. I just like liking it here. I think lots of people would. And do!

Events these pictures are from: Going to Eastern Market with Bridget. Going to Union Market with the TAMily. Going to the National Gallery. Fall seems to be all about going places and seeing people and neglecting the blog even though I’m doing plenty of beautiful things. Life’s pretty good.

Know what happened at Halloween? We got tons of trick-or-treaters and gave out bunches and bunches of candy and the whole neighborhood gang of children showed up in one fell swoop. It was like a hostile child takeover of our front porch, and I loved it. Everyone is a princess or a superhero and spiderman makes just one too many appearances, but it’s great. I like living somewhere with more than one generation around. It keeps things fresh.

Have an AMAZING WEDNESDAY. I mean it.