In like a lion, out like a lamb.

by Heidi Obermeyer

lionlamb1 lionlamb2 lionlamb3 lionlamb4 lionlamb5 lionlamb6 lionlamb7

Aren’t those snowmen next to the Supreme Court cute? I have a pretty good feeling about this upcoming week. How about you? I think last week was a little weird. Let’s forget about it, pack all of lunches in advance this week, and move on.

A few things to talk about from life lately:

I got a new bike! I went on a bike-buying rampage. She’s fully outfitted, totally adorable, and my new best friend. Two minutes into my first ride, some guy shouted “Hey! I like your Taylor Swift bike!” I’m a little offended (am I?), but the man’s not wrong. The new bike- in conjunction with the new 50-60 degree temperatures- has been an absolute pleasure. It still needs a name though! After that stranger’s comment, maybe Swiftie is appropriate? I’m currently taking submissions.

One new habit I’ve developed over the last few months is listening to Podcasts. They’re wonderful! Did you listen to Serial? Did you experience the same post-Serial guilt related to gossiping about a story that is someone’s real life? Jay’s interviews were what sobered me up from my Serial-drunkeness the most. I had a coworker at my last job who was from Baltimore, so he gave me the inside scoop on all of the locations related to the case. Most recently, I’ve added Radiolab to my usual Freakanomics/Death, Sex & Money lineup. Radiolab has a fantastic sound editor- somehow they take it to the next level with their editing and recording, making the postcast feel different from the radio.

I’ve been disenchanted with food lately. Isn’t that weird? I’m bored of my usual lunches, and I need some suggestions for things to cook.

Great news- I’m going abroad again! Just for a few weeks, but this time it’s for work! What a grown-up thing to do! I’m so happy that traveling and being in Europe will remain part of my life for the foreseeable future. What a lucky duck I am these days.

The new seeds are growing pretty well, but my window options are limited to East/West versus the highly preferable South window for maximum sunlight. I’m such an old lady- today I carefully set the seeds outside during the warmest part of the day to let them get as much sun as possible, and then hurriedly brought them back in as it started to get dark. Hopefully my efforts will be rewarded with lots of delicious veggies in the coming months.

One thing I’ve been struggling with lately is shifting my attitude from fighting-to-survive-post-grad to making-deliberate-adult-choices. I’m still finding it really difficult to get out of my be-ready-to-leave-at-a-moment’s-notice groove. I feel like I spent all winter living from one event to the next; I was being carried along by the river of life with no real say in what I was doing next or how I spent my time. I’d like to change that this spring.

Have any podcast recommendations? Any great lunches that vastly improve the 12-1 o’clock hour? Send ’em my way, and have a fabulous week. xx