Making Lately: A Spiced Chai Quilt

by Heidi Obermeyer

spicedchai1 spicedchai2 spicedchai3 spicedchai4

So if you haven’t talked to me lately, I have some news.

I sew now. Like, on the reg. Isn’t that exciting? Is that what you were expecting me to say? I mean, I guess I have been sewing for a few years, but it is only recently that I finished my first big-huge-cool project- this quilt! From start to finish it was all me, baby. The pattern is Spiced Chai, and it is awesome. I’m bummed I didn’t get more photos of the back- it is the same as the back of the quilt I made with my mom, a very nice deep grey.

This quilt is in its new home now, and I am wrapping up another for my place. There is something so satisfying about cutting, piecing, and sewing after a day on the computer. Sometimes it just feels good to create something.