A Pittsburgh Tea Party, or The Raven and the Writing Desk

by Heidi Obermeyer

pitttea1 pitttea2 pitttea3 pitttea35 pitttea4 pitttea5 pitttea6 pitttea7 pitttea8 pitttea9 pitttea10Have I told you all about my friend Katelyn? Katelyn is a journalist, and she lives in Pittsburgh. She has the best stories, is always willing to eat pastries with me, and can strike up an interesting conversation with anyone. Katelyn, of course, had the great idea to host a tea party one weekend when Bridget and I had come up from DC for her improv (!!!) show, and it was a great afternoon. There’s not much that’s better than a good excuse to bake ALL THE THINGS, and this was one of those opportunities. I don’t think we get enough of them.

The menu included staples like the SVC (Swedish visiting cake), tiny British almond cakes, baked Brie, Trader Joe’s white cheddar, and whole variety of delicious teas from Katelyn’s collection. And what interesting people she had gathered! One woman teaches at a Jewish boy’s school in the city, and she had some very interesting stories about the kids she teaches who are in the middle of growing up in an orthodox community.

I should probably also take this opportunity to rave about improv- what great fun to watch! Bridget and I had reasonable expectations going in to the show, but were totally blown out of the water by how fun and funny it ended up being. And to think that none of the material existed before it began! It takes some bravery to stand on a stage in any circumstance, let alone in an improv show, so props to everyone for doing such a great job. What also made it fun was that we had met several of the other women in the group beforehand, and it was great to have gotten to chat with them and then watch them struggle and soar through various scenes. It was a gutbuster of an evening, and I will gladly be back.