Camp Misty Mount in Maryland

by Heidi Obermeyer

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Doesn’t Camp Misty Mount sound like the title of a feel-good children’s movie? I’m thinking the Parent Trap meets a coming-of-age teen romance. There would be s’mores, and life lessons, and at least one incident in which someone falls into a lake fully clothed.

In September, feeling adventurous, I rented a cabin with a few friends in Maryland for a weekend of glamour-camping fun. Actually, I take that back. It wasn’t glamour camping. Camping is inherently not glamorous. Camping is all about tying stuff together with a piece of rope you had in your trunk and eating stuff that fell on the ground and cooking as much bacon as possible. All of the bacon. More bacon than is reasonable for any four (fine, two- Katelyn and I did most of the bacon eating while the rest of the group was still asleep) people to consume in one morning.

Camp Misty Mount is cool because it was built during the Great Depression as a public works project, which means its a little dated and mostly used for scout groups these days. The cabins themselves were in great shape, but there are just SO MANY BUGS ON THE EAST COAST. It is horrifying. I’m not a squeamish person, but I still get the heebie jeebies around here when I find some of the bigger bugs. They are all such creepy crawlies! One pleasant new experience for me on this trip was ACTUAL COCKROACHES trying to snag bites of the food we set out on our picnic table while we were cooking. Nothing like checking your handful of pretzels for a cockroach under your headlamp before chowing down. Given the bug situation, I think I’d actually rather sleep in a tent that provides full on anti-bug netting than get the “perk” of sleeping on a cot in a cabin. After I got back to DC, I was telling a friend about our experiences and she proceeded to tell me about two times that she stayed in similar digs- one during which a raccoon came out from under the beds while the group was asleep, and another during which a LIVE SNAKE FELL ON HER FACE FROM THE CEILING. I will take a tent for all future camping trips, please and thank you.

Other topics of note for this trip: I scored big time before we left and got an awesome vintage two burner propane stove at goodwill for $7. It worked great! We also went on a hike the day we left at the nearby state park that was fine- not hard at all, but at least it was good to get outside. That’s pretty much my measurement of hiking around here now- are you outside? If the answer is yes, it’s a good hike for the East Coast. Our big activity while we were staying at Misty Mount was visiting Gettysburg, which turned into an epic day of history nerdiness. Stay tuned for another post on that.

Obermeyer out!