England Travel Guide

I spent just three short, blissful fall months in the UK, but I did do quite a bit of exploring around Bath and a fairly extensive exploration of the London sights. Below are my favorite things to do in London as well as Bath & surrounding areas.

Visit the Roman Baths. That’s probably why you’re in bath in the first place! They’re every bit as amazing as I had heard- I for some reason had low expectations, but it was incredible! The complex is much bigger than it looks from the outside because many of the sights are underground, so plan for plenty of time to peruse. Also of interest is all of the cool Roman jewelry and coinage that was fished out of the water. Read my post here.

Prior Park Landscape Garden. A bit of a walk outside of town, I really enjoyed wandering around this old garden, run by the National Trust. Read my post here.

If you enjoy walking but don’t have a car, the Bath Skyline Walk is a pleasant way to see the surrounding countryside. Read my post here.

Hop on the train and walk from Bradford-upon-Avon back to Bath. the ~10 mile walk along the canal is beautifully scenic, and a great way to get some exercise. My post here.

Take the train to neighboring Bristol for a whole variety of cool stuff to see, including the Clifton Suspension Bridge. My post here.


Sam’s Kitchen (post here), Green Rocket Café (post here), Picnic Coffee, Society Café, Same Same But Different.


Churchill War Rooms, Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London are some of my all-time favorites. More info coming soon.